Signing a Contract


Losing a parent or other loved one is never easy. Going through financial documents, personal affairs and paying bills can be confusing. Mitch Howie is able to guide you through the process of filing your loved one’s Last Will and Testament with the Probate Court and settling the estate. You need an experienced lawyer to probate your parent’s or loved one’s estate. Did your loved one not leave a Last Will and Testament? Mitch can explain how to legally probate your loved one’s estate.

Do you have a loved one who needs a Last Will and Testament? Does your loved one need assurance that they will be cared for by a loving family member or friend in the future and need a medical power of attorney? Is your loved one concerned on how their bills would be paid if they were in a hospital or rehabilitation center? Is a durable power of attorney needed if you have a medical power of attorney? What is a Living Will? Mitch can help answer all these questions and more.