Mitch will explain the bankruptcy process and help you determine which Chapter of bankruptcy is best for you. Chapter 7 liquidation, a Chapter 13 repayment plan or a Chapter 11 business reorganization, Mitch will personally answer your questions about bankruptcy and make sure the process is as easy as possible for you.Contact Mitch Howie for a free consultation.

Flexible Payment Planning


Bankruptcy can be overwhelming. Many attorneys will not attempt to tackle the bankruptcy process. S. Mitch Howie has helped hundreds of clients successfully restructure their debt or completely avoid debt entirely with his expert knowledge concerning bankruptcy laws in North Alabama.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most frequently used chapter for homeowners, persons facing garnishments, and business owners. It involves the discharge of unsecured debt, or debt without collateral, giving the debtor a new financial start. A good bankruptcy lawyer, like Mitch, can make your Chapter 7 quick and easy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy assists debtors who are facing foreclosure, or repossession, retain their property by making their missed payments through the bankruptcy court. It also allows debtors who are behind in their alimony, child support, and taxes to pay off these debts which can not be discharged, or released, in any bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is reserved for businesses who have suffered from financial losses for a short time, like Covid-19. Chapter 11 allows the business to remain open and helps it to pay its debts instead of closing its doors permanently.

Has the Covid-19 pandemic put you out of work or lowered your pay? Do not wait until you are back at work to consult with an attorney. Who better to call than Mitch Howie who has over thirty (30) years of bankruptcy experience in Huntsville, Alabama and he has a free bankruptcy consultation?

If bankruptcy is not in your best interest, Mitch will work with you to help you consolidate your debts. He will work WITH you to determine what is best for you, not push you into a bankruptcy if it is not best for you.